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Green Guide for Huntington Beach, Orange County, Southern California - Go Green

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Eco-friendly? Going green? What does this mean for you? For Huntington Beach locals, it suggests an awareness of each individual's impact on the environment. Being 'green' does not mean you have to be a tree hugger, it means making an effort to be environmentally responsible, it is easy to incorporate aspects of energy conservation and green living into our homes. Even small changes can have a big impact over time. Using reclaimed or recycled materials in furniture and flooring, supporting manufactures that employ green friendly standards, becoming more energy efficient, or looking for alternative energy sources altogether are steps towards greening your life with ease. When doing a remodel, try to implement LEED-certification in the project, have a low environmental impact, and reduce waste begin the trend toward reducing green house gases.  Products that are organic, made without toxic chemicals and use sustainable or easily replenished raw materials are also positive measures for supporting the green movement and being eco-friendly. So, who ever said it's not easy being green?  More than ever we are given opportunities to make eco-friendly changes in our lifestyles! Not only will these smart decisions help make the earth a better place, they are also sure to benefit ourselves, our families, and our wallets- so it's really a win win situation! So if you want to start doing your part, check out all the pages in this site for all kinds of help in going green!

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